Liberty Wildlife: Visit, Donate or Help

By Amy Tryon- Publisher of Macaroni Kid South Phoenix and Glendale March 12, 2021

Liberty Wildlife is a rescue facility based in South Phoenix. They realize the wildlife in AZ is a precious natural resource. Their focus is on protecting it, preserving it, and educating the community. Liberty Wildlife works on habitat restoration, wildlife monitoring, relocating raptor nests, and more. Those who find injured animals can bring them to the Liberty Wildlife for care. The facility cares for between 7000 and 8000 animals every year, with a goal to release every animal that comes to them. They do their very best to figure out what is best for each animal individually. 

They want YOU to get involved!

1. Animal Drop-off
The drop-off window is open to receive animals every day of the week. They are open 8 AM-6 PM. They will only take native wildlife but have resources on their site for pet surrenders. For more information, see their website.  Instead of leaving an animal to die, consider taking it to Liberty Wildlife where professionals can give it the best care possible to help it recover. 

2. Visit Liberty Wildlife
The facility is open to the public Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 10AM-1 PM. You don't need to make a reservation or buy tickets in advance. Admission is only $5 per person aged 5 and older. They are currently requiring masks. While there, you can see their animal hospital and learn about the work they do. You may even get to see some animals up close. More info on visiting

3. Donate Items
Liberty Wildlife naturally goes through a lot of supplies, caring for animals. They have a wish list posted on their site here. Consider donating something when you go visit. Items range from paper towels and hand soap to postage stamps, medical equipment, and animal specific equipment.

4. Donate your time
Are you looking to volunteer somewhere? Consider Liberty Wildlife and the work  you could do there. You must be 18 or older to work with the raptors. They have teen volunteer opportunities as well though. If you love animals, especially birds, this could be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you. More volunteer information

5. Promote Compassion Through Kids Activities
On their site, they have a section with kids activities. You'll find coloring pages as well as a resource to make your own memory game. Help your kids understand wildlife a little more and feel a connection to the many different species. It promotes a feeling of compassion that ultimately helps with conservation. Get kids activities